Lobby 99 – the first public lobby – has tasked itself with being the missing link between the public and government.  This initiative – the first of its kind in the world – promotes the interests of the general public, and has recorded significant achievements in a short time. Take two minutes to watch the clip, sign up and influence:

Lobby 99 was created by people who know how the decision making process works ‘behind the scenes’, and have seen how a small number of lobbyists, representing powerful economic interests, succeed in influencing our elected representatives. Lobby 99 is meant to represent regular Israelis, 99% of the public, and to use the methods deployed in this arena to reclaim influence on behalf of the public

Our goal in Lobby 99 is to promote the interests of the general public in Israel with the decision makers, with the involvement of the public and with full transparency.

From dream to reality – what we’ve done so far:

  • We helped to pass the recommendations of the second Sheshinski Commission, and thus significantly increase the royalties paid by ICI to the state.
  • We passed a resolution in the Knesset Finance Committee to earmark Sheshinski funds for economic development of the Negev
  • We introduced an extension of the Lobbyists Act to the statute
  • We have submitted a proposal, together with MK’s from all parties, to extend the cool-off period required by an outgoing Banking Commissioner.
  • We have promoted transparency in Knesset Committees by introducing an electronic voting pilot scheme.
  • We helped to cancel a proposal to restrict Unemployment Benefits for the under 35’s
  • We initiated the proposed ‘Macher’ Law which seeks to regulate for the first time lobbying activity in government ministries.
  • We appeared before the Strum Committee and presented a position document on banking reform.
  • We exposed the fact that discussions of the Ministerial Legislation Committee are recorded in their entirety.
  • MK’s, social organizations and government ministries initiate co-operation with Lobby 99 in order to to promote issues for the general public.

And that’s just the start. You are invited to join.

For more information on Lobby 99, who we are and how it works

After the successful pilot, Lobby 99 is moving to the next stage. Here is where you come into the picture! In order to continue our work and increase our support base vis-à-vis the big corporations and powerful economic interests, we are recruiting new members who, by contributing a monthly amount at their discretion, will facilitate the ongoing work of Lobby 99; members will be able to vote on the issues to be addressed by Lobby 99, and to participate in member activities.

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