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As a one-of-a-kind public lobbying organization, we promote causes for the global public, who lack financial resources to fight in the Knesset.

Supported by thousands of members, our lobby remains resilient. Every dedicated member has a voice and contributes by voting and steering the issues we navigate before decision-makers.

While the elite may have a legion of lobbyists, we believe our representation should be just as powerful.

Lobby 99 stands as Israel's most extensive and comprehensive crowdfunding initiative

Here's How:

>>> Fill in your details and choose a your support type and amount.

>>> Engage in decisions and voting concerning lobby initiatives.

>>> Contribute to reshaping reality.

Since its inception, the project has rapidly evolved into a significant influence that impacts the nation's socio-economic decision-making landscape, achieving this within a remarkably brief span of time.

Our achievements, made possible by your support:

To discover more accomplishments, explore our dedicated section highlighting our successes.

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על מנת להיות חבר בלובי 99 ולהצביע לנושאים שיקודמו בחרו בדמי חברות חודשיים.

To donate via bank transfer- Leumi Bank (10), Branch: 806, Account number: 31159749.

Together, we will demonstrate that the collective power of modest contributions can triumph over the influence of a privileged few wielding substantial resources.

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