Exclusive Membership Benefits

Lobby 99 members have the authority to determine which topics will be advocated in the presence of decision-makers.

More Members = More Public Lobbyists = Greater Victories for the Public.


We cease to be the silent majority and extend a helping hand to drive change! Select a monthly membership fee and become active partners in the public lobby.


All lobby members have the right to participate in multiple polls that influence the organization's initiatives in the Knesset and government, including the core topics we engage with, such as the budget, and beyond.


Boosting the lobby's impact concurrently bolsters the public's authority in interactions with decision-makers. Lobby members play an active role in this endeavor, resulting in our collective attainment of even more remarkable achievements!

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The Evolution of a Core Topic

Phase One

Proposing a Subject

You have the option to submit topic ideas for us to address through an online form, subject to an identification process that includes providing your email address or ID number. Voting remains open throughout the year, but we will provide a response to your proposal before the next members' vote. Our lobbyist team meticulously assesses all proposals based on the following criteria:

  1. The topic must address a distinct social or economic issue (excluding religion-state relations or political matters per our regulations).
  2. It should benefit the vast majority of the public, not just a small group.
  3. The proposal should be practical and feasible for promotion, taking into consideration the composition of the Knesset and the coalition. We prioritize issues with a realistic chance of progress over issuing "statements of law" that are unlikely to pass due to political or budgetary reasons.
  4. The topic lacks efficient and successful intervention by other social organizations.
  5. The topic can be addressed in the near term.
  6. Priority is given to topics if lobbyists representing magnates oppose it and work against the public interest. 
Phase One

Phase Two

Voting Procedures:

Annual Voting Process: Topics that meet all criteria are presented for online voting. Lobby members can vote for the topics they want us to prioritize. Additionally, members have the option to vote against topics they prefer we do not address. Topics receiving more than 25% opposition will be rejected. The final selection of topics will be based on the highest votes, while considering opposing votes.


Retirement Vote: Every two years, members vote on retiring a core topic. They select a topic from our list to discontinue, allowing for new topics to be added.


Small-Scale Votes: Throughout the year, we will conduct 2-4 small-scale votes on content, research, marketing, and legal matters. Members will  have the opportunity to decide on immediate agenda items. For example: "Should Lobby 99 file an appeal against the Competition Authority's approval of the gas monopoly's purchase of the gas pipeline between Israel and Egypt?"


Budget Vote: The annual project budget is submitted to members for approval via a vote. A budget proposal with 25% or more opposition will be rejected, and an alternative proposal will be considered. Members participate in the  annual budget approval process in December, and the approved budget, detailing all organization expenses, including salaries and office expenses, is openly uploaded to the website. 

Phase Two

Phase Three

Engaging and Keeping You Informed

Lobby 99's public lobbyists dedicate their efforts to the topics selected by project members. This work takes place within the Knesset, government offices, and in collaboration with regulatory entities.


Members receive a weekly update via email, and they also have access to exclusive Facebook and Telegram groups for discussions and community interaction.

Phase Three

Do you want to support the public interest?

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