To enhance convenience and transparency, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions along with their answers in one place. If you have additional queries, please feel free to attend one of our meetings or contact us via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

We are solely a socio-economic enterprise, adhering to regulations that exclude us from dealing with political, security, religious, and State-related matters. We collaborate with all segments of the political spectrum, as evidenced by our significant achievements in both right-wing and center-left governments. Our collaborations primarily involve working with the coalition, as we are a pragmatic organization focused on achieving tangible progress for the benefit of the general public. Practically speaking, the opportunity to promote our goals often relies on the majority in the Knesset, which typically aligns with the coalition.


We do not align with the left or right on economic and social issues either. In each matter we tackle, we conduct thorough research and assessments to determine the best course of action for the public's welfare in various areas. Our approach utilizes tools from both the right and left, depending on the specific context. This may involve measures such as introducing market competition or implementing regulations and budgets, depending on the circumstances.

Lobby 99 operates as the largest continuous crowdfunding initiative in Israel. This signifies that every shekel, from the initial contribution to the final one, is sourced from the public and is dedicated to public welfare. We do not accept funding from foundations or commercial entities, ensuring that our organization remains free from external financial influence.

Your financial contribution to Lobby 99 serves a clear purpose. All the funds we receive from membership fees are directed towards supporting our activities, specifically the hardworking individuals who are part of the project. We prioritize the use of these funds for our mission rather than extravagant offices or extensive advertising campaigns. Our budget is transparent and subject to approval by all project members through an annual voting process conducted at the beginning of each year. Once approved, the budget is made accessible on our website. Furthermore, our annual reports, which are submitted to the Registrar of Associations, are also available on our website. This commitment to transparency aligns with our organization's advocacy for government transparency.

Our name, "Lobby 99," reflects our commitment to representing the interests of the 99% of the public who lack dedicated lobbyists in the Knesset. Conventional lobbyists often prioritize the interests of a select few, typically less than 1% of the population. In contrast, our mission is to tirelessly promote the economic welfare of the broader public, rather than serving the interests of influential families such as the Ofer or Arison families. We are dedicated to advocating for the needs and concerns of the majority of citizens.

Paying monthly membership fees grants you influence within the project, allowing you to vote on the issues we address. However, financial contribution does not equate to owning the decision – each vote carries equal weight, regardless of the monthly amount. Our issues are systematically filtered based on predefined criteria, ensuring that only matters aligning with the interests of the average citizen are subject to voting.

Lobby 99 members are individuals who contribute monthly membership fees (of any amount). In return, they gain the privilege to shape the organization's activities and the causes it champions, as well as have a say in the organization's annual budget. Members can propose topics for consideration and participate in various votes held multiple times each year. Through these actions, Lobby members have the opportunity to influence decision-making within the project and, consequently, play a role in shaping decisions at the national level, including in the Knesset and the government. For more details on how to propose and vote, please refer to this resource.

Indeed, you can provide one-time support to the Lobby's initiatives. However, it's essential to understand that this form of contribution does not grant the same privileges as full Lobby membership.


It is  worth emphasizing that our goal is to establish a stable and significant project supported by an annual budget and structured work plans. To achieve this, we encourage monthly membership fees, which provide a dependable foundation for budget planning and organizational activities.

We'd be sorry to see you go, but of course, you can cancel your membership and monthly payment easily and swiftly by sending a message to our email address or using our cancellation form. Your Lobby 99 membership will be promptly terminated.

Certainly. You have the option to join by setting up a standing order through your bank to our bank account. Once you receive confirmation from your branch, it is important  to notify us of the transaction via email. Here are our bank account details: Payee: 'Lobby 99 Ltd. (Non-profit)', Bank Leumi (10), Branch: 806, Account number: 31159749.

Towards the end of 2018, we obtained the necessary management permit and Section 46(a) recognition. This recognition acknowledges donations to Lobby 99 for tax refund purposes for individuals meeting specific criteria. Consequently, all contributions and donations made from this point forward are eligible for tax benefits, and you can submit your receipts to the income tax authorities. To streamline the receipt collection and submission process, we send you an annual email that compiles all the receipts for that tax year.

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