Guiding Principles

Lobby 99 advocates and advances the economic interests of the public in opposition to the limited interests of corporations and the affluent. It acts as a counterbalance to corporate lobbyists within the corridors of influence, engaging with decision-makers and policy shapers in the Knesset and the government, striving to redirect funds towards the public's benefit.

Together, we aim to demonstrate that the collective power of small contributions can surpass the influence of large sums from a select few. In our pursuit of positive change and the enhancement of the public sphere, we hold the utmost regard for personal leadership and the establishment of an inclusive and transparent organizational framework. These constitute the five core internal principles of Lobby 99, guiding our actions both today and in the future.

Transparency is a core value for us as a public lobby. Our members will have the opportunity to review and approve the detailed annual budget, which will be made accessible on the website, along with the outcomes of votes. Furthermore, Lobby 99 will keep its members informed with weekly updates on the organization's activities, and all updates will be readily available on the website.

The collective power of modest donations can surpass the influence of the minor with significant financial resources. Join the Lobby with a monthly contribution that suits you, from a modest sum up to 7,500 shekels. Your membership level or influence doesn't matter—everyone's support counts. One-time contributors also enjoy member benefits, excluding voting rights. Cancel membership at any time with a simple email.

The lobby will actively promote social and economic issues that benefit the general public, recognizing that the public lacks the financial means to support lobbyists and the time to engage in various meetings and sessions. These issues will be selected annually through a process in which lobby members propose topics for consideration. The research team and lobbyists then assess these topics based on professional criteria, and they will be subject to a vote by members (conducted through remote voting methods such as email or personal messages). The chosen topics will focus on practical and relevant initiatives or ideas. Member ratings will determine their priority, with proposals facing substantial opposition being rejected.

Collaboration among friends and building a community are the foundation of our initiative, both economically and ethically. Members of the initiative will vote on and rate the topics we promote in the Knesset. Each member has one "vote" regardless of their financial contribution to the initiative. In addition to voting, members will receive weekly email updates on field activities, invitations to member gatherings, and more.

Lobby 99 is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting fair employment practices. All of our employees will be directly hired, with no salary disparities exceeding five times between the lowest-paid and highest-paid workers. We are committed to achieving gender equality in wages, and our offices will be fully accessible."

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