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We conduct lectures throughout the country, giving every citizen the opportunity to hear from Lobby 99's experts on a variety of intriguing subjects: How to transform from being the largest bankrupt in Israel and still stay  a multi-millionaire? When will our gas reserves run out, and how can we prevent  it? Is genuine competition on the horizon for the banking industry? What are the implications of communication being controlled by tycoons? Schedule one of our lectures for a meet-up at your home or workplace!

How are decisions regarding our finances actually determined in the Knesset?

Advocate Linor Deutsch, CEO of Lobby 99

The public is uninformed, and as a result, the public pays.

Dr. Einat Solnik, Head of the Legal Department at Lobby 99

Who benefits from the public's natural resources?

Ariel Paz-Suwicki, Director of the Research Department at Lobby 99

Who truly decides what appears in the news editions?

Advocate Zohar Altman-Raphael, a public lobbyist at Lobby 99.

Finances and the Cost of Living.

Moshe Kashi, Director of the Finance Department at Lobby 99.

Why is it so expensive here?

Rachel Gor, VP of Content at Lobby 99.

 Start-Up Nation: Politics 101 
 A lecture for English speakers

Rachel Gur, VP of Content at Lobby 99

  • How can social innovation affect policy?
  • The invention of the first crowd funded public lobby
  • How you can create change

Interested in hosting us in your living room or workplace? Here's all you need to know:

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