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Lobby 99 is the pioneering public lobby dedicated to addressing economic and social issues in the Knesset, bridging the gap between the public and government.

If you have a strong interest in Israel's economic and social affairs and are dedicated to supporting the Public Lobby's mission to safeguard public interests from the influence of powerful corporations and affluent individuals, Lobby 99 is excited to welcome you aboard!


with the duration depending on the specific volunteer role. Typically, volunteers commit to a three-month period

Volunteering with Lobby 99 is an ongoing commitment ,
Join us in volunteering with the Public Lobby!
Marketing and Fundraising Department

As a crowdfunding initiative, our ability to make an impact depends on the number of members we have. The more members we have, the more public lobbyists we can recruit to address additional issues, and our numerical strength in influencing decision-makers significantly grows. For these reasons, we are constantly striving to reach new audiences, increase our visibility, and recruit additional members. To achieve these goals, we are seeking volunteers in the following areas:

Content Department

We are seeking experts with profound knowledge and experience in specific fields, or students specializing in these areas. If you possess expertise or experience in any of the following professions or fields, we would be delighted to have your support!

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